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The Social Photographer

guardianThe second in my series of audio slide shows for the Guardian was on Dafydd Jones the party or social photographer as he sometimes refers to himself. Not quite the same circles as finds himself moving in of a working day. This too - as before, was scripted with Dafydd providing the first draft and then he and myself [well ok , me] re-working it [considerably] on the day of recording. The AS takes the form of a survey of Dafydd's work as told 'in-his-own-words' juxtaposed with some of his more celebrated,  resonant images and my own snaps of him in the field. These last pictures were made over the course of a single evening spent shadowing the dapper snapper as he went about his work. First at a Hoxton Square private view and then TOD's Art and Drama Party 2011 at the Whitechapel Art Gallery. He made for a reluctant subject, turning on his heels whenever I trained the camera on him and then bemoaning the fact after viewing my pictures that the strobe accentuated the grey in his hair. What a Prima Donna! Thankyou Daf for showing such forbearance!

An extended sequence of my Daf portraits can be viewed . He could run but not hide.

View with groovy pan and zoom effects on the Guardian website .


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