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Laurie's description of this scenario:

"Nick set up his camera beside me, focused on the client's chair. He sat there as we talked and we took it in turns to photograph one another by activating the cable release. The photos of this creative inter-play between us provide a metaphorical portrait of the therapist in the consulting room with the client centre-stage."

Edited excerpt from converstation recorded during shoot:

NC Operating Shutter Release

LS: The trouble is you're taking pictures of me, not of yourself, you're taking photos of me, aren't you! You're taking photos of my hands, when my hand moves, that's what your photographing - so we're missing out on you. I don't mind your photographing my hands, but we're not talking analytically, so my gestures belong to a different kind of conversation.

NC: That feels weird, definitely. I kind of don't really like my picture being taken. So that's interesting - maybe you can get to work on that.

LS: I'm fascinated by this man who makes his living taking photographs but doesn't like to be the subject of the photographs. That sets me thinking. I don't have the answer, but that's the little riddle I would like to explore...


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