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Dafydd Jones Shoots

Pix of party or social photographer as he refers to himself Dafydd Jones in the field. The pix were taken at 20 Hoxton Square Projects and TODD sponsored Whitechapel Art Gallery annual fund raising gala March 24 2011. They are an extended set of stills a small selection of which were included
as part of my second audio slideshow for The Guardian website. The AS looked at the career of Dafydd Jones who notwithstanding his brief dabbling with news, has made a career [ possibly he wouldn't call it that ] out of dropping in on the mover's, shaker's , freaks , flunkeys et al. as they come together to party, network, bitch etc in London and New York.

Dafydd's panoramic shots of the scene became his visual signature. Latterly, abandoned largely for the sake of marital harmony - it was his ever tolerant wife who was charged with the painstaking work of stitching the individual pix together in a customised form of photoshop especially developed for him by Adobe. Capturing as they do the picture behind the picture : the PR's, other press , fans , waiters etc the panorama's for all
their aesthetic niceties are also insightful sociological documents that attest to our increasingly complex and confused relationship with certain types of people, things, practises and professions.

Thus when constructing this AS review of the career of this softly spoken, often maddeningly meandering observer of the ingenue and their associates, giving pride of place to these panoramas seemed like a no brainer. Added to these were his other non panoramic , iconic shots and those that seemed to echo the comments he made about himself and his work. A third type of image were my pix of him . Funnily enough, he has replaced his celebrity subjects in these images. The Where's Wally game he mentions that one can play to try and pick them out of the crowd in his panorama images is what you can do here as he goes on the chase for his next photographic hit.


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