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Barley Kennels

barkey kennels

Joy Battley the manager of Barley Kennels in Waltham Abbey takes us on a tour of one of the UK's largest greyhound rehoming centres. Joy took in all the racing dogs that couldn't be found homes after the closure of the iconic Walthamstow Greyhound Stadium in August 2008 the fate of which remains undecided. Joy has been a devotee of the breed for much of her life and as well as keeping several of the dogs as pets, she continues to race and show a small number. Joy hotly disputes the bad reputation that has sometimes been associated with the sporting side of keeping greyhounds putting it down to a few bad apples and media bias. All of the trainers she knows love their dogs and wouldn't dream of destroying them.

The film was shot and edited by myself as a follow up to my photo story on the closure of the track that was published in The Observer Magazine and as on the Guardian website. then featured the video on their Face Book page as part of the current issue's focus on rescue dogs. It can also be found on the home page of the website assisting Joy in finding new homes for this often misunderstood breed.


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