PNA Yoga PNA Yoga PNA Yoga

Opening ceremony and Rishi Kumars [ literally meaning 'child seers' ] demonstrate some extreme yoga asanas ie postures.

The boys are either orphans or come from poor rural backgrounds and board full time at the Parmath Niketan Ashram where they receive a broad education and spiritual training. On graduation they return to their communities on where they enjoy high status on account of traditional and modern knowledge they now possess . In this way they are seen as being gatekeepers of traditions that are considered under threat by modernisation. Although it has to be said that these traditional knowledges are Hindu specific. The teaching of yoga [ non-specific] is central to the education programme. The boys range in age from 5 - 20 and girls though formerly not accepted can now enter the school though their status is not clearly equal to that of the boys.

The school and orphanage was established by Swamiji who took over as the ashram's spiritual leader in the early 80's.

Ear cleaning Rishikesh style conducted on the side of the road with an alarming metal prong leaving the hapless punter in a somewhat vunerable position when it comes to the question of price fixing. These guys aren't as stupid they look.

Festival delegates participate in the ashrams Ganga clean up programme.