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'Oh he's much more than my man he's my guru' Akla the ashram's pediatrician displays her mobile phone screen saver image of Swamiji spiritual head of the ashram.

Yoga Aid event participants - special teaching of Surya Namaskar by different yoga traditions Ganga Ghat. The YogaAid event is the initiative of Ozzie Clive Mayhew who jacked in his 'big shot' corporate life as founder of Netscape Asia to set up Yoga Aid. YA facilitates [ ie funds] production costs involved in enmasse yoga events such as this organised by yoga groups who would not otherwise be able to finance such large scale events. His first introduction to yoga was an in auspicious one, a girlfriend took him to Bikram Yoga on the Kensal Rd.

'Chotiwala man' a restaurant mascot used to entice diners…